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Emballator Lagan Plast

Emballator Lagan Plast’s mission is to develop, produce and market plastic buckets and cans for food and chemical products.


We specialise in holistic solutions of high quality and conduct comprehensive development work with the aim of giving the market new technical innovations and optimal packaging solutions.


We work as an integrated partner and a sounding board in close cooperation with customers within a wide range of industries and product areas, and are renowned for coming up with innovative solutions. We offer our customers a wide range of facilities and service functions gathered together in our Customer Centre.


With unfailing enthusiasm and commitment, including participation in the Production Boost campaign, Emballator Lagan Plast has taken a huge step forward on its Lean journey and serves as a Nordic ambassador for the plastics industry.


Dedication, quality, environmental care, safety, service and availability are major keywords for us. We work with short lead times, optimal delivery precision and maximum flexibility, and always aim to be the most cost-effect alternative available.


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